Dr. Constantin Freitag


This functions as a substitute for my non-existing account on a social network. But you guys have to know what I like. So here it is. Some of these links are even interesting.

  • dgfs.de
    The German Linguistic Society.
  • linguistlist.org
    The biggest general mailing list for Linguistics hosted by the Eastern Michigan Uiversity: conference calls, publications, job announcements and more.
  • mypling.tumblr.com
    Tumbler with lots of linguitstic real-world examples by my colleague MyP, the homosapienslinguisticus.
  • vocabulary.ugent.be
    An online test of the Ghent University (Belgium). Get an estimate of your English vocabulary size in 4 min. and support scientific research by the way.
  • langsci-press.org
    An Open Access publisher for linguistic peer-reviewed monoraphs. High quality and free for both authors and readers. Support the project.
  • tillwoerfel.de
    Till Woerfel is a colleague interested in second language acquisition and sociolects.
  • lingbuzz.auf.net
    Lingbuzz is a lingusitic repository where everbody can store his/her own papers for (short-term) eternity.
  • bilingualism-matters.org.uk
    Association that informs about and supports bilingualism in childrens' language acquisition.
  • Lives in Linguistics
    John Goldsmith and Haj Ross provide a personal insight on popular linguists' characters and makes them available for the next generations.
  • www.frank-m-richter.de/freescienceblog
    A blog by Frank Richter, Martin Haspelmath and Stefan Müller with contributions regarding publishing processes, cost for readers and authors, and the issues of Open Acces Publishing.
  • hannesleak.blogspot.com
    Blog of my mate Hannes. As an illustrator he paints on everything he can get in his talented hands, for example surfboards.
  • earthobservatory.nasa.gov
    Here the NASA publishes amazing satellite pictures of the earth, that can also be downloaded.
  • neulantvanexel.de
    Architects, artists, do-it-your-self men. They even built a time machine.
  • www.sofaconcerts.org
    Have an newcomer band playing in your living room or rock strangers' places.
  • ltaggame.com
    If you like scrabel and syntax, make sure you have friends and maybe also this card game.
  • specgram.com
    The Speculative Grammarian is the first scientific journal for satiric Linguistics. Funny and for free.
  • xkcd.com
    The classic of the online comics. These funny figure were cited countless times for almost every topic. Sometimes it's not easy to get the jokes but no worries you can check the help wiki. Don't forget to have a look at the What if? section. This fun is serious.
  • phdcomics.com
    Also a classic that reveals the life of PhD students in all its nasty details.
  • engrish.com
    Obvservations of creative usage or simply new English.